2008 Royal Canin Grand Prix Moskau

International Thai Cats (ITC) is an independent, international community of Thai cat breeders and fanciers.

Members of ITC can be fanciers or breeders who:

  • admire and love the Thai and do their best to preserve and strengthen the breed, taking care for its wide spread and appreciation without any materiel interest,

  • offer their Thai a harmonious, well- kept home full of love, intense care and occupying,

PKD examination in Leipzig (Germany)

  • are ready to spend the necessary means – not always calculable – for the cat´s health and well-being,

Breeders seminar "Reproduction of the cat"

  • take care of their cats carefully and competently while continuously improving their
  • knowledge,unconditionally disclose their cats´ development and behaviour,

Meeting in Italy

  • cooperate with the members of the community in a reliable and friendly way.

Members of ITC can freely decide in which way they want to be active in favour of the Thai – as breeders or as fanciers. One can start as a fancier and – if wanted – build up an own breed, just as a breeder can stop for a while or finish breeding at all, being welcome to the ITC as a fancier.

Thanks to the friendly, honest cooperation of all ITC members and their agreement and consistency regarding the essential targets and measures of breeding, our community succeeded in securing a wide and healthy genetic potential of pure race Thai in many different colors during the last 18 years.

International Thai Cats

We are an independent community of breeders and lovers of Thai cat at international level.