The ideal cat is pointed, descended from the natural pointed cats of Thailand.


Medium. Length of body one and half times the height of the legs.

Neck: Medium length and strength.

Muscles, Bones: Medium bone structure. Powerful but not heavily built. Heavier in weight than appearance suggests.

Medium depth of chest and flanks.

Legs: Elegant, of medium height. Paws: Oval


Length: As long as the body, from the shoulders to the base of the tail. Shape: Tapering to a rounded tip.


Shape, Size: Modified wedge of medium size. Longer than wide, of medium width. Forehead is flat and medium  long. Top is slightly curved. Profile shows a very slight dip at the eye level and there is a slight downward curve at the tip of the nose. Cheeks slightly curved inward to where the muzzle begins. Muzzle, Jaws: Medium to slightly long, blunt, wedge-shaped. Chin: Firm, aligned vertically with the nose tip.

Moderately large. Wide at the base with oval tips. Very light furnished. Placement: Medium high. The outer lines of the ears follow the line of the head to the chin.

Moderately large. Oval, Set more than an eye width apart and slightly slanting. Intense deep blue.

Short. Fine, glossy and smooth. Slight undercoat.


Refer to the general part of the standard for the pointed varieties.


A deeper body colour is allowed on older cats.


Any other eye colour than deep intense blue. Any white spot. Stop in profile.

FIFé Standard der Thai

International Thai Cats

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